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Coherent comes from the Latin word “Cohaerent”, which means “sticking together”. Sticking together is exactly what we want team to do, team should stuck together in pursuit of a common goal for a project, to overcome challenges. 

Many factors work against creating coherence. Teams are distributed; language, culture, physical separation, time zone differences are just a few. Because of these factors it is important for members of these teams to consciously strive to create coherence. The collaborative nature of Agile projects has exposed team members to an opportunity to experience coherence and working towards shared goals, shared leadership, trust, respect which evolves new practices. People support what they create, act most responsibly,  converse to discover shared meaning, expect leadership. Humans can handle anything as long as they are together.

Further Reading

Book: SUCCEEDING WITH AGILE Software Development Using Scrum by Mike Cohn

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