INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Kanban Workshop in September 2016

We are glad to announce Priyank Pathak ( Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS ) as a presenter for the Kanban Workshop at Lean Kanban India 2016 conference on 10 September 2016 at Novotel Hotel, Bengaluru, India. Priyank DK Pathak is an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant providing training, mentoring, and coaching services to companies to gain outcomes like quality, value and continuous flow.

In this session, the presenter Priyank will give you a brief introduction on Kanban and how  to use Kanban in Teamwork, and why?. You will learn how Kanban Principles can be introduced and how to get started with preparing your first post card in Kanban game. The Project Managers, Product Managers, Human Resource Managers, Team Leaders and Team Managers indulged in any software related projects will learn how to visualize and manage their daily work flow, WIP limits, and the benefits of implementing feedback loops.

At the workshop, participants will experience an interactive yet fun infused session where they learn in-depth about Kanban, Kanban Practices and Principles through the Kanban Postcard game. It is a simplified way of learning Kanban especially for those who are new to learn Kanban, and having trouble in getting started with the Kanban approach. Participants will learn the advantages of implementing Kanban in their organization such as driving down the cost and wastes by improving the flow of work in the system.

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Happy 71st Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

This one is special for us. On the occasion of 71st Independence Day of India, our team visited a blessed home for underprivileged children – Elizabeth Trust, Bengaluru.

Always quiet and smiling Thimiya

Elizabeth Trust is located at Banaswadi, Bengaluru and currently operational in urban, rural & few selected areas of Bengaluru & Chikkaballapur districts.  It is working for the upliftment of the underprivileged and downtrodden children from 2009 with a mission to empower basic ‘Right to Education’. This trust is run by a small family headed by smiling and full of energy Mrs. Elizabeth, without any helpers. Her son and daughter-in-law have joined her in this noble journey and take care of 30 children like a family.

Some of these children have no family, they have lost them in natural calamities or the family left them to survive on their own. 15 children go to Government School and 15 children go to a Private School for education. Thanks to the Elizabeth Trust for giving them shelter, food, education and family.


Children Praying to God before Eating

We interacted with children during our visit and got inspired with the smiles, hopes, and aspirations of children. Most of them are outspoken to share aspirations to become Police Officer, join Indian Army, become Lawyer and Pilot. They danced, they sang and played with us.

Our company did a social campaign at office and neighborhood to arrange some support by collecting story books, clothes, toys, school bags and stationeries for the children. Also we had arranged chocolates, biscuits and fruits. For our surprise, most of the children kept that  for tomorrow’s school snacks. We got amazed to see the discipline maintained by little ones and the prayer they did before eating anything, and how they collected garbage at one place, and post all this how they started writing their home-work.


Our Team with Elizabeth Trust Children

It turned to be a real celebration and learning day for us. We experienced the humanity serviced by Elizabeth Trust and learned about our social and moral values for the society. The Path of Progress can only be walked with being responsible for the society. After meeting the children and Elizabeth Trust’s family, we realized that one should appreciate little things in life and value what we have. Celebrating Independence Day with these beautiful children was a life-changing experience filled with emotions and sentiments. We returned with a lot memories and valuable life lessons.

You may Contact us to extend your support by little donation and by providing books, clothes, toys, school bags, stationaries to the Elizabeth Trust. Please donate online here for supporting a noble cause.