INNOVATION ROOTS Announces new Kanban Coaching Professional Training in Bengaluru

We are very delighted to announce a new training class on Kanban Coaching Professional, as part of the Lean Kanban India 2018 conference, which will be held on 24-28 September 2018 at Bengaluru. This coaching will be thought by David J. Anderson (Chairman of Lean Kanban University and originator of Kanban Method) and his co-presenter, Teodora Bozheva.

This time the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) is conducted as the combination of KMM and KLMM classes. The course curriculum of this class is the combined version of both Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Leadership Coaching Masterclasses.  This coaching is especially meant for those who are very keen to assess their organization’s maturity levels, and definitely, it helps to handle the processes and fulfills the desired outcomes.

The first three days of the workshop discusses the topics like customer’s satisfaction, assessment of business agility, and the practices to improve agility. The participants will learn about maturity levels in KMM, KMM architecture, and a brief comparison of KMM model with other models like Lean/TPS, CMMI, Real World Risk models. You will also learn the definition of What is a fit-for-purpose organization, Study the value of different cultures and how to evolve the organization’s culture with KMM model.

The next two days will teach the leadership skills, cultural tools, and understand “First who, then why ”, V’ger concept, How to recognize identity and its multi-facets. Additionally, you will learn about some topics like Sociology and how to assess a team’s skills based on their social skills, What is Neuropsychology of change and how it is perceived.

Audience : Managers, Executives, Project Managers, Senior VP’s and CEO’s.

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INNOVATION ROOTS Announces a new Training on Kanban Leadership Maturity Masterclass (KLMM)

INNOVATION ROOTS is proud to announce a Kanban Leadership Maturity Masterclass (KLMM) with David J. Anderson. This is the first time ever to introduce Kanban Leadership Maturity Masterclass in India exclusively by INNOVATION ROOTS, which is going to be held on September 27-28 2018 at Bengaluru.

This 2-day masterclass is thought by David J. Anderson, the originator of Kanban and Chairman of Lean Kanban University. Participants will learn the basics of Kanban, Leadership skills, and the tools required to lead the implementation of Kanban at team-level and organization-level. This class also teaches numerous ways to change the traditional process management which helps to flourish a culture of innovation in the organization. Participants will also learn and understand “first who, them why” concept in KLM, and how to recognize identity and its multi-facets.

Additionally, the masterclass also covers few concepts of psychology, social psychology, and sociology at the workplace. You will also learn how to look at the social behavior, cultures, and leadership from a different perspective, and some analysis tools to provide advice and guidance to leaders who wish to be an initiative in bringing a change in the organizations work atmosphere.

Join us in the masterclass to learn more about Kanban Leadership Maturity Model and its benefits.

Audience: Project Managers, Team Leads, Process Managers, and Executives

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