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Do you want to take control of your financial destiny, and not spend your life in a cubicle? Do you want to build a profitable businessautomatically?

Are you struggling to make ends meet and trapped in a career you don’t love? Or just tired of getting paid ‘what you’re worth’ instead of what you deserve?

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and dreamers – you need to read Serve No Master – as soon as possible! In this book, you’ll learn how to smash the chains that have limited your financial rewards for far too long.

You cannot underestimate the power of believing in yourself.

Learn how to blast through every roadblock keeping you from achieving your goals. From “not enough money” to “lack of connections” to “not enough time” to “I just can’t seem to do it,” Serve No Master takes laser aim at all the excuses and breaks the process down into small, simple steps that anyone can take to become wealthier, better connected, more talented, and more free.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already working at home, squeezing in a little extra time after your job, or you don’t even have a plan yet; get ready to smash your chains and gain a better financial outlook and more free time to do what you love!

Packed with advice you can put to use right away; you’ll learn how to keep your audience eager and ready to hear from you.

What pragmatic and actionable skills will you learn?

  • How to build a business around the unique skills you already have
  • The simple technique for getting titans of industry to pursue you for business deals
  • The secret to getting paid over and over again every time you work
  • The foolproof method for removing all risk from your revenue streams
  • The most common mistakes even smart entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them.
  • The singular best way to create the unstoppable habit of success
  • How to get complimentary hotel room upgrades, slash your rent, enjoy cruises for pennies on the dollar and travel like a boss.

Also the following insights:

  • The 4 critical mistakes you must avoid to keep your business from collapsing
  • Six different ways you can use the power of friendship to accelerate your business
  • A step-by-step guide for finding your unique talent and using it to build a business
  • How to structure a business so that you make money even while you sleep.
  • PLUS, examples to jumpstart the process!


Learn how to:

* Build and manage global high-performance teams.

* Parachute into any culture and get the job done while respecting the local customs.

* Avoid costly no-no’s in your cross-cultural interactions.

* Use the Pyramid for Global Results to instantly decode a national or corporate culture.

* Work with the Global Integrator™ spider graph to navigate cross-cultural mergers.

* Orchestrate global meetings and teleconferences–before, during, and after–that create alignment and mobilize the troops worldwide

* And much, much more (not least some pretty hilarious cross-cultural jokes…).


Jonathan Green , S.J. Scott

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August 1, 2016

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