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How do you best prepare for a meeting with German managers? How do you empower Eastern Europeans, Indians, or Brazilians to show leadership initiative? How do you navigate a cross-border post-merger integration? How do you build consensus on a key decision in Japan? How are Americans seen generally by Arabs? Do Swiss managers use longer, or shorter, contracts than their US counterparts? If you have never been in Indonesia or Kazakhstan, how can you prepare for a negotiation quickly and successfully?

If you are lost in translation or facing a cross-border challenge, “Culture Clash” is the ultimate guide to working in an international and diverse team environment. You and your international managers learn how to avoid costly mistakes, how to decode national or corporate cultures, and how to navigate cross-cultural projects for best results. An absolute necessity for smart leaders who manage across cultures.Like it or not, all of us are touched by globalization – even the fruit vendor at the street corner. But few leaders are prepared for managing across cultures; and the costs of cultural blind spots can spin out of control. Dr. Zweifel has packed “Culture Clash” with fascinating stories, sound research and practical techniques–the global and intercultural competencies you need to manage across cultures anywhere in the world.

Learn how to:

* Build and manage global high-performance teams.

* Parachute into any culture and get the job done while respecting the local customs.

* Avoid costly no-no’s in your cross-cultural interactions.

* Use the Pyramid for Global Results to instantly decode a national or corporate culture.

* Work with the Global Integratorâ„¢ spider graph to navigate cross-cultural mergers.

* Orchestrate global meetings and teleconferences–before, during, and after–that create alignment and mobilize the troops worldwide

* And much, much more (not least some pretty hilarious cross-cultural jokes…).


Thomas D. Zweife

Published In:

1 October 1996


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