INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Planning Game Workshop in July

We are glad to launch the next Meetup series on Planning Game, which will be presented by Priyank Pathak ( Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS). The meetup will be held on July 7th 2018 at INNOVATION ROOTS office, HSR Layout, Bengaluru. Priyank Pathak is an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant dedicated to provide training, mentoring and coaching services to companies gain outcomes like quality, value, flow and continuous delivery.

The Planning Game workshop is based on the Animal Estimation Game presented by INNOVATION ROOTS in the last meetup series. This workshop demonstrates the importance of Planning in a Agile team, and engages participants with fun activities and tactics that keeps a team motivated in performing their regular tasks. In this meetup, Priyank will also discuss how the Planning game can elevate and lift-up the performance of the team, and navigate the enormous amount of time consumed in prioritizing the work.

The workshop is conducted with a commitment to cultivate the best practices in participants, become familiar and comfortable with estimation and planning. This is the simplest way to teach Agile concepts to a beginner as well as an intermediate practitioner. At the workshop, you will indepthly learn the Planning and Estimation Game principles and practices, understand the science behind the development of Planning and Estimation Game based on Wideband Delphi method.

Time: The workshop starts at 10: 00 AM – 12: 00 PM

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INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Taoism and Agility Webinar with Dov Tsal

We are pleased to announce the next webinar on “Taoism and Agility” with Dov Tsal, which will be held on June 28th 2018. Dov Tsal is a well-known personality in the Agile industry. He is a versatile Change Agent and enabler, helping companies, teams and individuals make in impact in their career.

This webinar will start sharp at 7:00-8:00 PM with an introductory session by Dov Tsal about Taoism, and continues further on the agenda of the webinar. Participants will learn about Taoism, and how was Taoism adopted as an Agile practice in ancient times. Dov Tsal will make the audience walk through the segments of the fascinating book “The Agile Tao” by Peter Merel.

The participants will get an opportunity to explore the Agile principles that are linked to Taoism philosophy which includes Self-organization, Reacting change over following a plan, Maximizing the work not done, Progressing in a sustainable space. In this webinar, you will get hold of the some fascinating points about how Taoism practices brings harmony in an organization’s progress to Agile transition.

Audience: Agile Practitioners, Project Managers, Change Managers, Consultants and Coaches

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