INNOVATION ROOTS Sponsors Guinness World Record Attempt by Ankit Arora

INNOVATION ROOTS is proud to be the Title Sponsor of Guinness World Record Attempt  for longest cycle journey in India by Mr. Ankit Arora. He is a National Record Holder Cyclist from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

His journey ‘Cycle beyond the Borders’ will kick-off on 27 August 2017. In this journey, he will be cycling for 21,000 kms in 150 days covering all the 29 states and 7 Union Territories of India along with 2 neighbour countries Nepal and Bhutan. Ankit would be making a documentary about the hidden sports in tribal areas and the lives of those children, and make awareness about the solar energy.

Ankit mentioned purpose of his cycle journey to generate awareness about;

  • Environmental Safety through Solar Energy: Ankit will be using solar panels in cycle to charge gadgets like mobile phone, and light torch during the journey. Solar power offers substantial benefits for climate, health and economy.
  • Healthy Living through Sports: India is a melting pot for different traditions. Ankit is sure to find a variety of tribal sports and talent during his cycle journey. The objective is to identify and highlight such sports so that their benefits can be known to the world.
  • Education for All: Ankit will be interacting with children from different parts of India and will be having classroom sessions with them to understand challenges in education of underprivileged children so that it can be addressed.

And with these three strong causes we are now a Title Sponsor of his journey.

Earlier, Ankit has appeared in ‘India Books of Records’ for first ever non-geared, solo cycle ride on the Indian Golden Triangle (Jaipur-Agra-Delhi) route. He has made India proud by earning prestigious title of ‘Super Rondonneur’ from ‘Audax Club Parisien’ which is a renowned cycle club headquartered in France.

We encourage you to follow his amazing journey at



Priyank Pathak speaks, at Inauguration of the Incubation Centre at Oriental Institute, Bhopal

Priyank Pathak, Curator and Managing Consultant, INNOVATION ROOTS is invited by Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal at Inauguration of Incubation Centre CITE on 26 August 2017 to deliver an Expert Talk.

The CITE Incubation Centre promises to be a high-end resource with facilities for Mentoring, Networking, Education and Funding support for budding entrepreneurs. On this occasion, Priyank will be sharing ‘Entrepreneurial Journey Lessons’ and interact with the participants.

Learn more about Priyank’s session by visiting CITE at Oriental Institute.