Agile Product Management: Product Owner: 27 Tips To Manage Your Product And Work With Scrum Team | Book Series

Overview: In this book, you will be given a multitude of proven tips to effectively create a Product and work with Scrum Teams. This book will enable you to learn a multitude of skills since it starts by giving you a full introduction to the concept of Scrum and Agile Product Development, Scrum and Agile principles and a host of other valuable information that will give you a full understanding of the topic.

  • A brief recap of agile and scrum, its principles and other concepts involved in scrum
  • What your job as a Product Owner entails and how your work differs from that of a typical Product Manager?
  • How to create a Product using the Scrum framework?
  • How product creation in scrum differs from other Agile frameworks like the Waterfall method?
  • How to create a Product Roadmap?
  • Tips that you can follow to create your Product and to manage your Scrum Team


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