Agile IT Organization Design: for Digital Transformation and Continuous Delivery| Book Series

Overview: In this book, the author Sriram Narayan is a veteran IT management consultant at ThoughtWorks, who shows how to incorporate agility throughout your organization. The author draws more than 15 years of experience in working with enterprise clients in IT-intensive industries. In this book, the author introduces an agile approach to “Business–IT Effectiveness” that is as practical as it is valuable. The author shows how structural, political, operational, and cultural facets of organization design influence overall IT agility—and how you can promote better collaboration across diverse functions, from sales and marketing to product development, and engineering to IT operations. Through real examples, the author helps you evaluate and improve organization designs that enhance autonomy, mastery, and purpose: the key ingredients for a highly motivated workforce. 


Sriram Narayan

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Scrum – Agiles Projektmanagement erfolgreich einsetzen | Book Series

Overview: The author of this book is Roman Pichler, who is an expert in product management and specialized in digital products. This book is recommended for anyone who is new to Scrum and they shall understand the Scrum principles and start applying them.

You will learn:

  • The Scrum roles including Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and development team
  • How to work with the product backlog, and writing user stories
  • Tips and tricks for estimating, planning, and tracking the overall progress of teams
  • Understanding the Sprint meetings and Sprint progress


Roman Pichler

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