Team INNOROO, the Awesome

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

– Steve Jobs

Most of us have experience to work on projects in a Team either at Office, School or College.

Does the Teamwork really help you and why is that important?

In my view “Teamwork” is a very important construct for creating a High Performing Team. Teamwork brings unity, strength, reliability, support and all key factors required into the play, to build a successful team. It maximizes team’s overall capabilities, brings out the best in each team member and as a result offers the best outcomes. I have a recent experience —to share with you– working with a superb team – INNOVATION ROOTS Team, I call the “Team Awesome”

It happened recently, when our Team was working for one of a grand event at Bangalore. Like many other projects, our team also faced many unexpected challenges. It gave us the nightmares. Our “Teamwork” increased the trust and collaboration between people, which helped us to perform as a Team. And as a result, our event became a great success.

Before launching the event, our Team was not experienced to manage event of this volume. We found it difficult at each step without having prior experience. Team identified multiple challenges during the planning and execution of this event. Here are few major ones and what we did as a team –

Focus: Working on multiple projects and multiple deadlines, people tend to lose their focus. As a team, we were aware of the importance of the event and the hundreds of open items on us. Context switching is a big problem and it could be due to a big pending list. Team realized this problem and started focusing on ‘finishing the most important task at any given point of time’ as a better approach to achieve the goal.  That’s we call teamwork.

Collaboration: Managing the time and working in silos is also a challenge that may result in significant delays. We faced problem generated by silos. Our Team understood the gap and decided to collaborate more on common goals. This increased the success of our team as we engaged in collaborative problem solving.

Quality: Delivering quality work has always been our priority. Over the time, team learnt that ignoring quality is originating a lot of rework. Team started reviewing and pairing for their deliverables. We identified the quality expectations are as per the business requirement and focused on completing work with highest quality standards. This helped to build great team momentum.

Now, the team is confident and full of enthusiasm to make success on our new projects and that’s what makes us “Team Awesome”

Despite of different background, culture, and experience; Team Awesome is focused to strive hard in moving towards perfection. This leads us to achieve success. Each one of us contributes to add value, quality and innovation at work.

We believe that one is not success, until the whole team is not successful, and team is not successful until each one in the team is not successful.

Team Awesome believes that collaboration and trust builds the team so strong that you can overcome any challenges.

I am proud to be a part of “Team Awesome”.

Thriveni B Shetty

Leader and Learner

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