staged release strategy | Glossary

Definition :

 System development decisions often have deep strategic, business, and cost implications. If not planned correctly ramifications of incorrect decisions may be felt long after the decisions have been made. On the periphery of system development one very important aspect addressing this issue may often be under emphasized or overlooked all together. This is the implementation, execution, and management of an effective software release strategy. This becomes exponentially important when building a custom application because of the many challenges facing development teams:

  • Managing development activities
  • Managing integration of new development into the existing application
  • Managing application dependencies
  • Managing new feature/function requests
  • Managing compliance with departmental/federal regulations, mandates, and processes
  • Managing security requirements (vulnerability assessment testing [VA]

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Further Reading:

Lean Agile Software Development by Alan Salloway, Guy Beaver and James R. Trott.


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