The Product Manager’s Handbook | Book Series


This book is considered the most useful and insightful guide for a long time. The Product Manager’s Handbook is fully refined and updated with information that gives you the edge in today’s challenging business landscape. It covers product development processes, intelligence-gathering techniques including social media with a greater emphasis on international issues.

This book proves the techniques and tools used by product managers are same, regardless of what kind of industry, the type of product they are developing, or size of organization they are working. To be simple, this book has everything you need for a superior job performance―whether you manage consumer or business-to-business products created by an organization that is hierarchical or horizontal.

This book covers topics, such as:

  • Balance breakthroughs and line extensions
  • Create business cases―including competitive assessment, market requirements, and risk reduction
  • Conduct gate reviews and beta testing and manage scope creep
  • Get everything in order for a smooth product launch


Linda Gorchels

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