Priyank Pathak Speaks at Infosys Agile/DevOps Day

It’s a great pleasure to announce Priyank Pathak as the Speaker at Agile/DevOps Day, held on July 17th, 2018 at Infosys, Bengaluru, India. Priyank Pathak is currently, a Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS with 15+ years of experience as Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and Continuous Delivery Consultant in Agile industry.

Priyank Pathak has showed enthusiasm in speaking at various Conferences and Events conducted across India. He has spoken at many conferences and programs across India including Agile Gurugram, Lean Kanban India, BEACON, Agile Leadership Summit, Scaling Agile Day Meet-ups and Regional Scrum Gathering  to name a few.

In this session, Priyank gives a brief introduction on the topic ‘Collaboration at Scale’, followed by the main agenda of this event. The session is designed to run in 4 to 6 rounds, each lasting for 15 minutes. First session is about ‘how to play the collaboration game?’ and next for rounds is about planning, implementation, inspect and adapt cycles, and the last 15 minutes session ends with a Q&A discussion.

Come be a part of this actionable event to explore some insightful tips on building collaboration in team and harmony in work.

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