Priyank Pathak Speaks at Agile Leadership Summit 2018

INNOVATION ROOTS is pleased to announce that Priyank Pathak (Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS), will give a talk on ‘Transform the Core First’ for the much anticipated Agile Leadership Summit 2018 conference. Priyank Pathak is currently, a Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS with 15+ years of experience as Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach and Continuous Delivery Consultant in Agile industry.

In this session, Priyank talks about the importance of planning, and why it is critical for any organization’s success. This session is designed to guide participants think and define a roadmap for organization based on step by step transformation process. The session insights into the consequences of failure, when an organization keeps its focus only on the aspects that are least important for business growth and not the core.

Participants will learn proven tips and approaches to build capabilities required for delivering bottom-line results. At the end of the session, there would be a Q&A discussion with the participants where each of them clarify concerns and challenges of their own business.

Date: The conference will be conducted on July 19th 2018 at Bengaluru

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