Agile Decisions: Driving Effective Agile Decisions in Business | Book Series

Overview:   In this book, the author Michael Nir takes some real-life examples like what happens when: An airline pilot has food poisoning; Why flying is such a hassle; What if we get kidnapped by the NSA? The author relates all these real-time situations to making Agile Business Decisions. In this book, the author Michael Nir has poured in, all his 16 years of experience in leading change at global organizations catering to diverse industries. He shares all his knoweldge and experience in this book, influencing the leadership and Lean-Agile teams,  across a multitude of industries. This is the must-read book for all the Agile Enthusiasts and Agile Practitioners,  and explore the real challenges of facing the failures and grasp the complexity of everyday problems.


Michael Nir

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