INNOVATION ROOTS announces a new webinar with Arie van Bennekum

We are pleased to announce a new webinar ‘Being Agile Vs Doing Agile’. This webinar will be presented by Arie van Bennekum, a well known Thought Leader on Agile at Wemanity and co-author of Agile Manifesto. Arie is also a Chair-elect of Agile Consortium International, and he also holds expertise in the areas of Agile Project Management, Team Facilitation, Agile Techniques and User Involvement.

This webinar will be kick started by the presenter Arie van Bennekum introduction on the topic Being Agile Vs Doing Agile, including key differences between Being Agile and Doing Agile, and what Being agile is all about. He will also talk about how to decide on the particular Agile approach that suits your organization. In this webinar, you can gain familiarity on Agile Values, Principles, and Practices.

The webinar will be held on April 26, 2018  at 8:00 PM IST. You are invited to join us for the Being Agile vs Doing Agile Webinar and learn the real challenges and implications of Agility.

Audience: Agile Practitioners, Coaches, Consultants, Project Managers, Product Managers

Register for the Webinar here

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