Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Workshop with David J. Anderson

INNOVATION ROOTS is pleased to announce Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) workshop on 4th-8th September, 2016 at Bangalore, Karnataka. This is a five days workshop which will be conducted by David J. Anderson, who coined the term ‘Kanban’ and Chairman of Lean Kanban University.

This master class covers the entire Kanban course curriculum and teaches the leadership and coaching skills to the participants. This workshop is recommended for anyone who is interested in taking a lead or initiating a change in their organization, especially for Consultants, coaches, Change Agents, Managers and Kanban Practitioners. To achieve the designation as Kanban Coaching Professional participants are required to fulfill the education criteria mentioned at LKU’s official site.

This is a must-attend event for any organizational change Agents tasked with the change management at their organization or client organization. Participants are expected to familiarize themselves with the Kanban and Agile concepts, and requested to read the book authored by David J. Anderson “Kanban-Success Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business”.

Register for the workshop at www.innovationroots.com

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