INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Alternative Path for Transformation workshop in December 2015

INNOVATION ROOTS is happy to announce the launch of Alternative Path for Transformation workshop with Priyank Pathak ( Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS) as a presenter. This workshop is conducted as a part of Lean Kanban India 2015 conference, held on December 11-12, 2015 at Bengaluru, India.

Participants will walk through the real success stories presented by Priyank Pathak from his personal experiences in implementing Agile for large enterprises. This session is recommended for any one who is planning to going for Agile or still in the journey to transform into an Agile company. In the session, the audience would be given a thinking tool to plan for Agile, how to discover and identify the most common mistakes during the Agile transformation phase.

The topics covered in the workshop, include:

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Principles and Concepts of Agile
  • Generic approaches for Agile
  • Challenges you face during Agile transformation and How to fix them
  • Q & A session

To register for the workshop, visit:


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