The Kanban System and Its Requirements | Book Series


It is said that a Kanban-System improves a process by changing the information flow in the process and rearranging rules of responsibilities. The purpose of the study was to find out what a Kanban is, what does it make the superior application to conventional western strategies, and what are the weak points of it. Furthermore, the study aims to have a look at the supporting environment to find out if there are requirements for a Kanban-system to be successful. To control and to measure the success of an introduced Kanban system, various methods and tools were examined, compared with conventional methods and tools, and presented. Finally, the study tried to use all collected information for a theoretical approach how to introduce a Kanban system step by step.

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Manuel Ringwald

Okaloa Flowlab Workshop with Patrick Steyaert on 23 September 2018

INNOVATION ROOTS announces a Okaloa Flowlab workshop with Patrick Steyaert on 23  September, 2018. Patrick Steyaert is a founder and principal coach and trainer at Okaloa. He helps organisations to innovate and change. He works with customers ranging from high-tech SMEs to large incumbent companies. He is an expert in Lean and Agile with practical experience in both software, IT, and technology businesses as well as non-IT (logistics management, HR, …)

This one-day workshop help participants to explore the foundations of flow, collaboration and learning, and how they relate to each other. Okaloa Flowlab instils new ways of thinking not just doing. From the bottom up, this new mindset inspires action, not just talk. Specifically, Okaloa Flowlab allows participants to experience a new way of thinking that is sticky or even contagious as it spreads across a network of Agile Practitioners and ultimately building bridges between all levels and functions across the entire organisation.

Participants will learn to use integrative thinking to resolve the perceived conflict between agility and predictability, flow- and resource-efficiency, commitment and engagement. Also, participants will discover the foundation for team, business and organisational agility.

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