The Excellence Habit | Book Series


The Excellence Habit is biography of an idea, and the idea is simple. The main source of success is excellence, and excellence depends more on our internal circumstances. Grit, determination, and the discipline to put in the hard work as a matter of habit, and not a matter of need, are crucial.

The Excellence Habit is a reminder that we are the owners of our success. There are no magic formulas, shortcuts, or secret sauce. We will learn from many, yet the most important steps, we need to take on our own. Over the course of our adult life, it is always us, who have the most power. We will not always be in control and nobody is. But we can choose to maximize our effect on this planet, on our loved ones and on our personal fulfillment by building an Excellence Habit.

The Excellence Habit also examines the distinction between success and excellence. Success is achieving high goals. Excellence is doing the right thing, even when not driving towards any goal. It is a small mindset shift, which will produce big results. Excellence can and will lead to success. Success, on the other hand, can be the biggest enemy of excellence. More often than not success is measured in social influence, recognition and wealth.


Vlad Zachary

Published In:

10 November 2015

Concierge MVP | Glossary


A concierge MVP is the best approach to get to know your customers and validate your business idea. In this you provide the service manually and analyze your audience, this type of MVP allows you to pivot easily if you find out that customers actually want a different product.

The point of the Concierge MVP is to simplify the product by replacing automated components with humans. Every customer receives the white-glove treatment, with humans front and center delivering the service.

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