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Frustrated by organizational silos, fragmentation or resistance to change? Is there a tug-of-war, with everyone pulling in different directions? Can’t seem to align on a common strategy, get real buy-in or jumpstart implementation?

The problem is, traditional planning no longer guarantees success. Rapid change, uncertainty, new technologies and a flatter world call for a new approach.

The award-winning Strategy-In-Action shows how companies ended the long-standing divorce between planners and implementers. One saved $200m from people power, another made €74m from innovation.

Zweifel, strategy & performance expert and award-winning author, and Borey, CEO and turnaround guru, use their experience at Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, UN/government agencies, and the military to offer a turn-key methodology that yields quick wins and stands the test of time.

CEOs, senior managers and strategists will find a systematic 7-step roadmap:

  • 11 differences of Strategy-In-Action (e.g. Strategy for vs. Strategy with): a checklist for your dynamic strategy, pp32-33.
  • 6 ways to move from silos to alignment among multiple stakeholders, pp42-53.
  • How to overcome resistance or indifference—and maximize buy-in. Ask these key questions and give voice to dissenters without losing control, pp54-57.
  • 4 powerful questions for a shared understanding of the whole—including best practices and checklists, pp58-59.
  • How to get intelligence from far-flung locations that are less invested in the status quo and more open to innovation, pp60-61.
  • 3 proven tools to align on a strategic intent as a magnet for action and filter for operational decisions, pp77-80.
  • 7 steps for building a dynamic strategy roadmap back from the future. First you do a SWOT, then plan, then act, right? Wrong. Never plan from the circumstances, pp34-36, with examples (even flipcharts, of course anonymous).
  • The shocking truth about metrics. Many strategists use the wrong indicators, with unintended/disastrous outcomes. How to drive execution from a single dashboard with 5 key metrics, pp99-104.
  • How to foster a leadership mindset. As Peter Drucker said, culture eats strategy for breakfast. How do you get your team obsessed with winning? Eye-opening use cases, pp131-142.
  • 6 rules for getting quick wins, screening out losers and getting feedback from the action.The key: Catalyze path-breaking action, then have the action inform the strategy. Actionable cases, pp146-157.
  • … and finally, How to control the momentum. Use the Worksheet on p197 to drive the whole process with ease and position yourself as a trusted strategy guru.

Strategy-In-Action gives readers the art and science of integrated planning, people and performance.

“I was highly skeptical—but now I wish I had had your tools 35 years ago when I was starting out.”

—Werner Brandmayr, former President & Managing Director, ConocoPhillips Holding Europe

“We have results that were virtually impossible before Strategy-In-Action.”

—Lawrence Obstfeld, CEO, Image Navigation

“The only strategy book that gives a truly holistic view of strategy. It integrates strategy alignment, highly pragmatic execution and performance, and the human element in one seamless process.”

—Dr. Frank Waltmann, Head of Learning, Novartis

“A new logical, efficient and common-sense approach. A must read for anyone involved with strategic planning in the 21st century.”—Dr. Martin Cross, Chairman, Medicines Australia

Clients pay the authors $26,000+ on average because these tools yield 10x ROI, and frankly outperform any others on the market.

Get Strategy-In-Action now and build alignment on a winning strategy that marries planning, people and performance.


Thomas D. Zweifel , Edward J. Borey

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3 January 2014


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