Agile Product Management: Release Planning: 21 Steps to plan your product releases from a product vision with Scrum(scrum, scrum master, agile development, agile software development) | Book Series


Mr. Paul VII gives best steps and advanced strategies on how to build a Release Plan using 21 easy to follow Agile techniques. The author explains very effective tips and tricks on how to master and improve Release Planning in your team from the scratch. This book is very helpful and extremely valuable, regardless of your level of knowledge on Scrum and Release Planning.  By reading this book, you will start building a strong foundation about Scrum and Release Planning and the advanced steps that you can follow to build a successful Release Plan.


This Book Covers:

  • A brief overview on Agile and Scrum principles
  • What is a Release Plan, and how it helps the team to set reliable expectations
  • How and when to conduct the Release Planning meeting and why it is important.



Paul VII


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