Weighed Shortest Job First | Glossary


Weighted Shortest Job First is used as a prioritization model that is deployed to sequence the jobs adequately, to produce the maximum economic benefit. Job sequencing can be an important factor in flow-based systems, where they can produce exceptional results.  Relative CoD and Job Size is calculated, and WSJF is implemented to prioritize backlogs.

Speaking of backlogs, WSJF is constantly used at Program Increment boundaries to update them, based on factors like: User and Business Value, Time Factors, Risk, Opportunity Enablement, and Effort. WSJF also tends to ignore sunk costs, a fundamental Lean Economics principle. When applied in SAFe, the model supports additional principles of Product Development low, include:

  • Take an economic view
  • Ignore sunk costs
  • Make continuous financial choices
  • Decentralize decision making
  • Quantify the cost of delay

Further Reading

  •  “Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development”(book), by Donald Reinertsen.

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