Chicken | Glossary


Derived from the popular business fable of ‘The Chicken and the Pig’. (Pig was discussed here). ‘The Chicken’ is representative of the individuals or parties who are involved in assisting ‘The Pigs’ (aka the core Scrum team) but are not fully committal in every aspect. They need guidance and training from the ‘The Chicken’ to increase their involvement in the project.

Further Reading

  •  “Scrum : the art of doing twice the work in half the time”(book), by Jeff Sutherland

Becoming an Agile Leader | Book Series

Overview:  Becoming an Agile Leader” book offers the new concept of studying Agility through a list of interesting portraits of famous leaders in business, politics, science and the arts. This book is written with the intention to reduce the complications faced in development, and it is filled with a set of practical tips to start with development, including some ideas for on-the-floor and remote job roles to build the aspect of learning Agility, advice on avoiding ‘overuse’, and with further readings on the five Learning Agility factors.


Victoria V. Swisher

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