INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Collabration Game Workshop in August

We are glad to launch the next Meetup series on Collabration Game, which will be presented by Priyank Pathak ( Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS). The meetup will be held on August 11th 2018 at INNOVATION ROOTS office, HSR Layout, Bengaluru. Priyank Pathak is an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant dedicated to provide training, mentoring and coaching services to companies gain outcomes like quality, value, flow and continuous delivery.

The Collabration Game workshop is based on the Animal Estimation Game presented by INNOVATION ROOTS in the last meetup series. This workshop demonstrates the importance of Planning in a Agile team, and engages participants with fun activities and tactics that keeps a team motivated in performing their regular tasks. In this meetup, Priyank will also discuss how the collabration game can elevate and lift-up the performance of the team, and navigate the enormous amount of time consumed in prioritizing the work.


“Continuous Delivery is the new norm” | July 22nd 2017 | Meetup | What you missed..

The first Continuous Delivery Meetup, “CD is the new norm”, of the Meetup series started by INNOVATION ROOTS was conducted on July 22nd, 2017 in Hotel Ibis, Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru. 25 Think Tanks (Meetup group members), gathered at 9 AM along with the guest speakers, who were welcomed by the host Diwakar Varadharajan, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Continuous Delivery Tools and Services at INNOVATION ROOTS. The entire team at INNOVATION ROOTS had gathered to ably facilitate the Meetup.

The Session was kicked off with an ice breaker activity, ‘Purpose Mingle’, where the participants were expected to interact with each other and convey the primary purpose of attending the meetup. The person who ended up interacting with the maximum number of people was declared the winner and rewarded with a discounted ticket price to Lean Kanban India 2017 conference. After giving a brief introduction to INNOVATION ROOTS, Diwakar welcomed the first Guest Speaker for the day, Renu Rajani for her talk on “Continuous Delivery for Digital Transformation”, where she talked about the current trends in business that shape technology outlook, and how the technology and service providers should enable DevOps adoption to cater to needs of business. It turned out to be an excellent session and received a rave response from the participants.

This was followed by a Collaboration Activity, ‘2 truths and a Lie’, where the participants were divided into groups and each of them were expected to put forward 3 statements, of which 2 had to be true and 1 of them had to be a lie, the other members of the group had to identify the lie. It turned out be a very good activity as people in the group gelled together, as it was intended to. Post a 15 minute break, the second guest speaker, Vinay Krishna delivered a talk on Reliability of Test suites in an organisation, which was a highly informative and interactive session. Vinay discussed about various Case Studies and Scenarios in which Test Suites play a crucial role. The following are key takeaways from both the sessions:

Key Takeaways: “Continuous Delivery for Digital transformation” 

1. Key trends and technology focus areas in digital business include:

  • Elimination of middlemen
  • Cognitive intelligence demonstrated by machines and robots
  • Changing workplace with self-service, BYOD, co-existence of and traditional workforce with millennials and robots
  • Multi-channel customer connect with IOT/wearables integration
  • Pervasive technologies/autonomics/predictive analysis for customer experience.

2. Agile and DevOps are fast catching up to meet the digital transformation needs of businesses.

3. The boundaries of software delivery are eliminated with operations, development, testing, infrastructure & deployment teams working together in DevOps life cycle.

Key Takeaways: “How confident are we on our test suite: Broken Build pipeline – who cares”

  1. What to care about in our test suite
  2. Broken Build reasons and common symptoms
  3. How to handle broken build from testing perspective
  4. Test strategy and test pyramid
  5. How to maintain your test code along with production code.

The Meetup ended with a Feedback session, where all the participants were requested to give their inputs and the topics they would like to have sessions on, in the future.

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