Business Sponsor Engagement | Glossary


Having someone on the business side who has the time and inclination to work with the team is critical. Adopting agile methodologies, scrum requires changes on the business side of the development, not just the technical side.

An engaged business sponsor can help the team if it needs to push against entrenched business process, departments, or individuals in delivering valuable outcome to gain competitive advantage in the era of disruptive market. Business Sponsor, is the one who understand the market needs so as he is the person who promotes the success of the project who gets what is expected. Business sponsor accepting and giving positive feedback to team saying present project delivered more than past project will work wonders and help in getting more sponsors.

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Practical Kanban | Book Series


Klaus Leopold describes in detail the principles and functionality of Kanban, which are not always intuitive. He discusses typical problems that he has observed in his work with real-world Kanban systems. Klaus illustrates the possibilities that exist when the entire value creation chain of a company is taken into account and how tools such as Cost of Delay and forecasting can become strategic aids. Thus, it should become clear that Kanban is not a team method, but rather a method for improvement that considers the entire value creation chain of a company.

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