Kanban System Design (KMP I) Workshop with Mike Leber

INNOVATION ROOTS announces Kanban System Design (KMPI) workshop, hosted by Agile Network India on 9-10 Dec 2015. It will be conducted by Mike Leber who is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and a renowned figure of Kanban Community across globe.

This two-day Kanban System Design workshop provides an understanding of comprehensive approach towards designing the system flow into an organization. It helps in creating a better understanding of business risk, supports decision-making and eventually, leads to the improvement of the service delivery of activities.

This workshop offers an ideal foundation for organizations, teams and individuals to start their journey in incorporating the Kanban method. Participants will receive a great mix of deep conceptual lessons, case studies and real life experience. They will partake in hands-on games and interactive exercises that will help them understand and to kick off their own Kanban initiative.

Register for the workshop at www.innovationroots.com

All workshop attendees will get a complimentary pass for Agile Gurgaon 2015 Conference.

INNOVATION ROOTS is organizing and sponsoring the official Lean Kanban India 2015 conference

INNOVATION ROOTS proudly announces itself as the official Organizer and the Platinum Sponsor of the official Lean Kanban India conference in Bengaluru, on 11th and 12th December, 2015 at the  Aloft Bengaluru, Cessna Business Park. After the success of the inaugural conference in 2014, we’re proud to forge an even stronger relationship with Lean Kanban, by taking up the mantle of being the organizer of the esteemed event.

In 2015, the Lean Kanban conference is set to deliver another milestone in bringing world-class perspective of Kanban Deployment towards organizations and businesses, and empower both current and future high-performance focused executives and entrepreneurs. The conference still remains the most important event for professionals enthused with Kanban, take big steps towards implementing value in their organizations.

It also remains a vital and informative platform for seasoned Lean Kanban practitioners, experts and trainers, towards sharing their knowledge and experience towards the community. The conference will be host to speaking sessions by some of the leading professionals from across the globe, with Q & A sessions, pre-conference workshops and important networking opportunities. For complete knowledge of the schedule, topics, list of speakers and registration, click here.

For more information, feel free to contact us at : www.innovationroots.com  (or)

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INNOVATION ROOTS Sponsors and Organizes “Lean Kanban India 2015”