INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Next Webinar Series with Doc Norton

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of next webinar series ‘Agile Metrics’ with Doc Norton, CEO of CTO2. He is a well-known organizational and leadership coach to the companies whose major portfolio is software developing. He holds 25+ years of experience as a coach, mentor, advocate, and facilitator,  for large enterprises involved in software creation.

This webinar is going to be held on May 30th, 2018 at 7:00 PM IST. In this webinar, Doc Norton will give a lecture on the topic ‘Escape Velocity’ and how velocity has become a common metrics to measure team’s performance and speed in the Agile projects. You will get to know the answers to all the questions, if velocity alone is a useful factor to measure or not, Is the team getting better? Are they producing valuable results? Is the work delivered on time? and does velocity alone enough to answer all these questions.

In this webinar, Doc Norton will explain to you why setting goals for velocity can actually impact project’s progress, using the Hawthorne Effect and Goodhart’s Law. Participants will learn the negative impacts of using velocity in teamwork, ways to stabilize the fluctuating velocity and some significant tips to improve velocity without risks.

Come participate in the webinar and take away some useful metrics and tools on how to couple velocity, and get unprecedented results in projects.

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INNOVATION ROOTS Announces a New Webinar with Christopher Avery

It’s a great honor to have Christopher Avery as a presenter for our next webinar series ‘How Agile Leaders Improve Results with the Responsibility Process’. Christopher Avery is a Speaker, Author, and original thinker and mentor for responsible leadership, teamwork and change. He is also the founder of The Leadership Gift™ and CEO of Partnerwerks Inc.

Christopher Avery will start the webinar with a brief introduction on the topic ‘The Responsibility process’ model. Christopher will also speak about how to attain the leadership and ownership skills, along with the core values and principles of Agile. You will learn the relationships between Agility and The Responsibility process model, how to make explicit connections between both the process models and their benefits.

This webinar is going to be held today i.e., on May 1st, 2018 at 7:30 PM IST. You are invited to join the webinar and learn about the self-leadership tool, the Responsibility Process.

Audience: Managers, Team Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, and Product  Managers

Please register here to participate in this webinar.