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The Unified Modeling Language (Reference Manual) | Book Series


This book is the revised version of Unified Modeling Language, and covers all the latest concepts of UML 2.0. Compared to the previous edition, this updated edition presents all the UML specifications, software standards, and notations are far more complex and hard to understand. The major revisions include sequence diagrams, activity models, internal structures and components, and state machines.

  • This revised version also has an enhanced index which is available on official website
  • A discussion section offering useful advice and additional insight into difficult concepts


James Rumbaugh

Ivar Jacobson

Grady Booch

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Impediment | Glossary

Impediment in Software development, is anything that slows down the team from delivering the intended result, or output. It can be any issue, like lack of resources, bugs in the source code, a team member falling ill and so on.

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