Beta Launch | Glossary

Second letter of the Greek alphabet is named as Beta. In Software, Beta Phase is where Feature Development is complete but likely to contain known or unknown bugs. In software development Beta phase follows Alpha.

Beta Launch is a good practice where application is released and used by a small audience in order to identify bugs, remaining issues and workout any implementation before making it available to wider audience. Beta launch access end users experience in using the application, whether the data generated by the application satisfies the needs of the client and partners. Here there is an opportunity to test solution implementation with real time users while minimising the negative backlash that could make or break ta project.

Beta Launch is a cost effective way to test the product quality, test acceptance of product before commercial launch.

Positive Testing | Glossary

The basic functionality of Testing is carried out to find the defects in the code & enhance the quality of Software Application. Software Testing is process of Verification and Validation to check whether the Software Application is properly  functioning.

Testing of application can be done in two different ways, Positive testing and Negative testing.

Positive Testing is a testing process where the tester will check a set of values and validate, if the application behaves as expected with its provided inputs. Such testing is to be carried out keeping positive point of view and only execute the positive scenario.

The main intention of the positive testing is to check whether the Software Application is  showing any errors when it is not supposed to and not showing error when it is supposed to. The Positive Testing always tries to prove that a given product and project meets the requirements and specifications.

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