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Flawless Execution | Book Series


This book is crafted with full of success and failures experienced by military fighters throughout their journey in U.S  Air Force fighter squadrons. The main focus of this book is how you can pick up the lessons of fighter pilots and relate it to your business, and avoid the mistakes in your team. You will learn how to analyze the work environment, and utilize the “Plan-Brief-Execute-Debrief-Win” cycle that worked for fighter squadrons in reducing their mistake rate. In the same way, your business will succeed by cutting the mistake rates, casualties and equipment losses, and achieve the envious record.


James D Murphy

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Impediment | Glossary

Impediment in Software development, is anything that slows down the team from delivering the intended result, or output. It can be any issue, like lack of resources, bugs in the source code, a team member falling ill and so on.

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