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Transparency is one of the most important core values of Agile. It is critical regarding Organizations adopting Agile. It refers to the ‘openness’ of communication between the members of the team, and a free flow of information between the senior and junior members of the team. Scrum involves aspects like Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospective meetings.

The  more quickly an organization adapts to Transparency, the more chances  will raise for it’s success regarding Agile. A lack of Transparency in the long run, can hurt an Agile team,as well the organization overall. Without Transparency:

  • Product Owner may lost trust
  • There might be office politics
  • Team Morale can go down
  • Estimating future work can be an issue
  • Team’s true velocity can’t be known.

Further Reading

  •  “Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum” (book), by Mike Cohn.
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