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Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management | Book Series

Overview: Not everyone is good at managing a team or a company. And, it is not so easy to become great managers. This book guides you through the process of gaining great management skills. It covers all the tips and practices that are particularly important for a great management, and this is one such book which makes a lasting impact on your career. This book covers the importance of one-on-one meetings with teams, and managers in private; and the benefits of one-on-one meetings in improving the management skills. You will learn to become good in management and even better with this guide, and it describes the leadership management skills with examples which are depicted in the form of a story.


Johanna Rothman

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book series

Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game | Book Series

Overview:  This award-winning book is written by Alistair Cockburn, and it is the second edition of the same book ‘Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game’. In this book, Alistair Cockburn jolts down about his powerful model of Software Development as a “cooperative game of invention and communication.” He introduces some new ideas in this book, which includes: how to harness competition in the teams without damaging their collaboration; encouraging teams to learn lessons from Lean Manufacturing, and balancing strategies for communication. The author also illustrates some points on how the cooperative game can be played in business, engineering projects, and not just confined to Software Development.


Alistair Cockburn

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