Lean from the Trenches | Book Series


‘Lean from the Trenches’ is all about real-time practice. It’s about a real public service project that has experienced problems and how a team solved it. The author depicts a story of how a team of 60 has successfully developed a complex software system for the Swedish Police using Lean and Kanban practices. It is a two-part book series that shares an actual story in the first part and lessons about Agile and Lean principles in the second part as they were applied during the project.


Henrik Kniberg

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INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Teams Agility Assessment Meetup with Prashant M.J at Pune

We are glad to announce the launch of Team’s Agility Assessment workshop with Prashant M.J ( Senior Consultant at INNOVATION ROOTS), which will be held on January 7th 2017 at Persistent Systems,  Pune. Prashant is an Enterprise Agile Transformation Consultant providing training, coaching and mentoring services to companies to gain business outcomes like quality, value, and continuous flow.

This meetup is conducted in association with Scaling Agile Institute and it is part of the next edition of SAI Day meetup, which is quite frequent.  The webinar aims to spread the best practices of agility to the businesses, and guide them in assessing and evaluating the practices that are suitable for their business. At the meetup, participants will learn the definition of Agility, how to accurately measure the agility, and what are metrics used to measure them.

In this one hour thirty minutes session, the presenter Prashant will discuss on what is Agility, characteristics of a high performing team, what is a team’s perspective on agility and how to evaluate real-time scenarios to assess team’s Agility. This session will give a clarity on Why, How, What, and When the team needs to be assessed. At the end of the meetup, the participants can revolt their concerns and queries about how to go about the assessment to gain agility in team and further insights, by a discussion with the expert panelists.

To learn more about the workshop and upcoming events, visit: www.innovationroots.com