Burn Down Chart | Glossary


A ‘Burn Down Chart’  is a graphical representation of the amount of work left to do, and the time available to do it in. The work remaining( or backlog) is placed on the vertical axis, with the time left, along the horizontal axis. So in simple terms, it can be defined as a run chart of outstanding work. Whilst often used in Agile Software Development methodologies such as Scrum, they can be applied to any project that contain measurable progress over time.

The chart is usually displayed at a place on the wall of a project room. Adopting this practice results in up-to-date project status being visible to each member of the team. As a result, it encourages the team members to confront any and all difficulties, both ahead of schedule, and in a more decisive manner. Their simplicity is another reason why they’re so effective.

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