Timebox | Glossary


A ‘Timebox’ is a fixed and previously agreed upon period of time, during which a person/team assigned to specific task, works towards the completion of a goal. Once a time limit is reached, work is stopped and what was accomplished is evaluated. They can be used at varying time scales that can range from one day, to several months.

The critical rule of timeboxed work, involves evaluation after the end of the timebox: ‘Was the goal met? If not, was it partially met?’ etc.

Further Reading

  • “Timeboxing: A complete guide”(book), by Gerard Blockdyk.
  • For more on Timebox, read here and  here.
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Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests | Book Series


This book depicts the author’s, Steve and Nat’s 10 years of experience in implementing TDD ( Test-Driven Development) and how it lead to a revolutionary change in the software programming. You will learn the concepts of TDD through practical examples and how to write test codes before execution.

Topics covered, include:

  • The challenges a development team faces in the entire development lifecycle
  • Stay focused on more expensive and sustainable code
  • Succeeding with difficulties in TDD and resolving complex test data
  • Understand the mutual relationships between OOD and TDD


Steve Freeman

Nat Pryce

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