Zoo Feedback Game

Feedback Maze Game

A Simple Group Activity for Improving Feedback Mechanism

Feedback is a critical factor for project success. Delay in feedback may lead to not meeting Quality standards, and thus missing the customer expectations. Our consulting team has innovated a team based game to guide the engineers, let them experience the importance of feedback, as well as, help them manage timely feedback process in a project work.

Feedback Maze Game is based on simple concept of a Maze and can be played in a group or teams.

Buy the Kit

Game Kit
  • Ten hand-crafted Feedback Maze Game Boards
  • An end-to-end facilitator guide that’ll explain the rules of game
  • Set of colourful pens to draw and colour
  • Set of ten blindfolds to introduce constraints
  • A set of index cards to take important notes from the conversation
  • A set of hand-waving alert card to manage the attention
  • An awesome ten minutes Sand Timer, to manage time
  • A Sports Whistle, to add fun to the activity.