Scrum@Scale Certified Practitioner

[ Incrementally Crafting the Right Organisation ]

16 - 17 Jan 2019

2 Day Workshop




From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, Scrum@Scale transforms organisations into Agile enterprises. The Scrum@Scale framework is the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the founder of Scrum Inc.

Scrum@Scale naturally extends the core Scrum framework to deliver hyper-productive results across industries and disciplines, including software, hardware, services, operations, and R&D. In this 2-day course, participants will learn how to apply fundamental Scrum and Lean product development skills to scale Scrum from one to many teams across any sized initiative. The course consists of a backlog of components, practices, exercises, and case studies that will teach you the fundamentals of Scrum@Scale, and allow you to create a transformation backlog for your organisation or client within the course.

2 Days (16 Hours)
9 AM to 6 PM (1 Hour break in between)
Jeff Lopez-Stuit, CEC
Batch Size
Maximum of 30
Participants Profile
A two-day Certified Scrum Master Course or comparable real world experience implementing Scrum. Completion of a two-day Certified Scrum Product Owner course is encouraged but not required.
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of framework discussion & workshop sessions (Classroom training)
Certification Details
Upon completion of this course and the official Scrum@Scale exam, Scrum Inc. will provide a Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner certificate signed by the creator of Scrum.
Accreditation Institute
Scrum@Scale (
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  • Introduction to Scrum@Scale - What and Why
  • Understand Scrum Master cycle and Team level process
  • Explore Scaling Scrum and SM, and the Executive Action Team
  • Pattern : The Agile practice and how to increase team velocity
  • Swarming pattern and impediment removal
  • Cross-team coordination
  • Explore Product Owner cycle and how to scale Product Owner
  • Understand Agile organisational design
  • Develop strategic vision
  • Backlog prioritization, decomposition and refinement
  • Effective method of Release Planning
  • Scale deployment system to meet customer needs
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP) as sprint goal
  • Metrics & Transparency
  • Case Study Discussion.

Learning Objective

  • Facilitate cross team collaboration and release planning with tens, hundreds or thousands of people
  • Create and prioritize a transformation Backlog to overcome impediments to scaling
  • Measure and improve key Scrum metrics at an Enterprise level
  • Deliver 5 times as much work without adding new teams.


  • Anyone interested in applying fundamental Scrum and Lean product development skills to scale Scrum from one to many teams across any sized initiative.

Course Deliverables

  • 300+ page Scrum @ Scale Workbook, with details on all components, practices, and references to case studies and sources for further exploration
  • A detailed transformation backlog for your organisation or client to begin practicing Scrum @ Scale immediately
  • Certified Scrum@Scale™ Practitioner certificate signed by Jeff Sutherland, the creator of Scrum
  • 16 Category B Scrum Education Units (SEUs) in addition to 16 Project Management Institute PDUs
  • Access to the Scrum@Scale Slack Channel
  • In person 2-day training full of learning and fun.

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