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Member Card

Annual membership just in 500 INR to get access to library.

Good Karma

Almost all the money collected from the library membership subscription goes to needful NGOs, except the part of it goes to maintenance and purchase.

Like it, Buy it

Top selling books are available to buy as well at library. Just pay MRP on the spot and take the book home.

Unrestricted Access

Membership comes with access to all the books at the library. Come any day during library timings and read any book for any duration.

Simple Operations

Deposit equivalent value to get the book issued, and collect back full of the deposited value at the time of return. Book is considered as sold, incase not returned back to library by or before 10 days.

Latest and Best Books

All the recent and most popular Agile articles are available at the library. Recommend us to purchase any of the important book incase it is not at the library.

Wide Category

Leadership, Management, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Product, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban and a many other categories for Professionals.

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