INNOVATION ROOTS turns Four on August 1st, 2017!  Yes, what an awesome journey it has been for us. We started with a vision to provide consulting to companies and professionals all over the world, overcome challenges and equip them with the acumen and intellect that is unparalleled. As a result, over 3000+ people have been trained and 1500+ participated in our events in just 4 years of existence. We made 150+ customers of different sizes, domains and shores happy. Our reach and presence continue to grow and hit new heights, all thanks to the Agile community, their unconditional support and love for our company and services.

What’s INNOVATION ROOTS all about?
We are Skill Development, Enhancement and Transfer Journeymen. We are a leading and trusted providers of strategic, methodology and technical education, advisory and solutions to Enterprises building largest and innovative solutions.

Our Core Values:

  • Agility
  • Respect for People
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Commitment.

We offer a medley of services ranging from facilitating the Enterprise Agile Transformation and delivering training, to organizing events & conferences that provide a platform to engender and promote Thought Leadership among the software community.

Our Core Services include:

1. Agile Consulting, Coaching and Transformation Services 

Our consultants have collective expertise of hundreds of year to facilitate Skill Enhancement and Transfer for implementation of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ALM, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Our offering includes facilitating the agile adaptation, agile assessment of enterprise and organizations, designing the road map for agile transformation, educating and organizing all the layers and roles for agile, and embedded coaching and mentoring services.

2. Workshops, Training and Certifications Academy

We are leading providers of Skill Development services to acquire role, subject and value based knowledge. Our training offerings includes essential, foundation and certification course on Agile methodologies like Lean, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe as well as on DevOps, ALM and Test Automation and others. Our specialties include organizing next generation niche workshops on concepts like Lean Product Development, Lean Startup, Leadership, Change Management, Cynefin Framework, Flow and Kanban in association with Top Thought Leaders, all over the world.

3. Publishing Services

We produce the best content for enthused readers through rigurous research on content and concepts. Our current daily offerings includes intellectually enlightening content on ‘Agile Glossary terms’ and ‘Thought of the day’. The thought leader’s ‘Interview Series’ is among our most popular and followed series. Many more new offerings are about be announced soon like ‘Books Review’ and ‘Games’. Keep a close watch on our Blog for the same and let us know your feedback and suggestion to improvise and make it better.

4. Community Initiatives

We strongly believe in knowledge sharing and community building. This ideology makes us part of numerous initiatives, that provide a platform for knowledge sharing and aim to foster Thought leadership in people:

  • Agile Network India (ANI) is a network connecting People to learn and share. It aims to develop a global platform locally, to foster networking of people in order to learn and share from/with the top thought leaders and industry peers. We support ANI to organize Agile Gurugram – A top notch national level conference every year in National Capital Region, Gurugram and we also organize the meet up with ANI
  • Scaling Agile India/Institute (SAI) is a community of enthusiasts interested in learning and sharing about large scale agile. Our team volunteers to promote the meet up and webinar events for SAI as well as facilitates the organization with support from various organizations and volunteers.
  • Lean Kanban India (LKIN) is an annual conference of LKU brand and we are the official managers and organizers of Lean Kanban International conference in India for past 3 years and contribute to Limited WIP and LKI meet-up.
  • Agile Library @ Bangalore is a small sized library established by us as part of our community building effort for enthusiasts to join and read the best articles.
  • Additionally we organize Continuous Delivery and Agility meet up, webinar and event through our community group

We are committed to deliver value and quality to our customer, partners and associates. Your word of mouth and feedback has taken us places and we believe it will continue to do so in future. Thanks to our customers for trusting us, they are the reason we exist and Thanks to our partners for being associated with us and Thanks to all the Thought Leaders all over the world for ably backing us and partnering with us, that defines our identity. You truly inspire and encourage us to reach new heights and milestones! Finally, thanking the fantastic team at INNOVATION ROOTS, without whom none of this would have been possible.

We at INNOVATION ROOTS are looking forward to serving you all, the best way possible for years to come.

Keep INNOVATING, Keep INNOVATION ROOTS in your hearts, cause we keep you in ours!


Priyank, Noopur, Prachi, Thriveni, Prashant, Bhaskar, Diwakar, Santhosh, Bharath, Chirag, Chaitra and the whole INNOROO team.