Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass (KCP)

[ Leadership & Coaching for anyone leading a change initiative ]

David J. Anderson (Originator of Kanban Method)

Chairman, Lean Kanban Inc.

18 - 22 September 2017

5 Day Workshop




This official class is designed for the coaches, consultants, and managers with the mindset, knowledge, and tools to lead successful Kanban implementations. Participants will focus on evolutionary change, fitness for purpose, an in-depth understanding of Kanban Method, adoption of Proto-Kanban implementation, and service-oriented organization design.

The Kanban Method takes an evolutionary, cultural approach to capability development, improvement, and organizational performance. This intensive 5-day workshop will transfer the knowledge and skills to enable you to lead Lean transformations using the Kanban Method.

5 Day (40 Hours)
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Each Day (1 Hour break in between)
Batch Size
20 Participants
Participants Profile
As mentioned at LKU site
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)
Certification Details
Certified as Kanban Coaching Professional on acceptance and assessment by Lean Kanban University (LKU)
Accreditation Institute
Lean Kanban University
Commercials & Logistics
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  • Large scale Enterprise Kanban
  • Understand the Kanban Method in depth
  • Understand the first step of STATIK method
  • How to answer hard questions
  • Consulting tools, Depth of Kanban Assessment Framework
  • Understanding Fitness for Purpose.

Learning Objective

  • Understanding the psychology of change will help you successfully introduce the Kanban Method, and help build a culture of continuous improvement in your organization Leading and coaching Kanban implementation
  • Evolutionary adoption via Proto-Kanban implementations
  • Learn service oriented organization design
  • Giving organization a common language for understanding work
  • Teach coaches a new way to see the psychology, sociology, social psychology, politics and organizational dynamic of change
  • Learn a new way of thinking about leading change and implementing Kanban
  • Explore the model why people resist change.


  • Consultants
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Change agents
  • Kanban practitioners.

Course Deliverables

  • Attendee will get a printed copy of workbook
  • Eligibility to take the KCP exam online
  • The Kanban Coaching Professional program offers a professional designation for people coaching Kanban for organizations
  • “Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP)” credential certificate
  • Kanban Case Studies
  • Recognition on the Lean Kanban University Website directory
  • Only certified members can do Certification Renewals which are from the date of certification
  • In person 5-day workshop full of learning and fun.

Want to Participate?

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