Behaviour Driven Development | Glossary


At its core, behavior-driven development is a software development methodology that combines practices from test-driven development (TDD) and domain-driven design (DDD). By combining parts of both TDD and DDD, behavior-driven development aims to simplify development through the use of a common domain-specific language(DSL), which is used to adapt natural language sentences and phrases into executable tests.

Further Reading:

  • “BDD in Action” (book), by John Ferguson Smart

INNOVATION ROOTS Announces Next Webinar Series with Brett Ansley

INNOVATION ROOTS is glad to announce the launch of new webinar series ‘Doing Innovative Exploratory Work using Kanban: Case Study’, which will be held on December 15, 2017. This webinar is hosted in collaboration with Brett Ansley, who is a Digital Product Expert, Agile Kanban Coach and Consultant at Brett Ansley Consulting.

This webinar speaks about the success story of a Coaching team that engaged in a highly innovative discovery with a Government Digital Services agency. The audience will run through the teams condition before and after deploying Kanban. You will take a glance at the team’s performance and the outcomes gained from the Kanban implementation. From this success story, you will explore some of the techniques and practices used by the coaching team during the Kanban in their organization, and how you can adopt the same techniques at your personal workplace or in any other business endeavour to streamline the flow system.

The participants will acquire the skills and knowledge to implement Kanban at their respective organizations without any hassle. They will not only gain the ability and the motivation to deploy Kanban at one-level, but also at  multiple teams. Participants will also learn from the challenges the one faces during the implementation of Kanban flow system in the larger organization.

To learn more about the workshop and upcoming events, visit: