Deploying Strategic Agility using the X-Matrix. Workshop with Karl Scotland

INNOVATION ROOTS  announces the one-day ‘Deploying Strategic Agility using the X-Matrix’ workshop on 25th March, 2018. It will be conducted by Karl Scotland, Director of Karl Scotland Ltd.; Co-Founder and Board Member of the Lean Systems Society; and a globally renowned force in the Agile field.

This two-day workshop will detail the application of the ‘X-Matrix’– an A3 format which concisely visualizes the alignment of True North, Aspirations, Strategy, Tactics, and Evidence on a single sheet of paper. Participants will explore how to foster an Agile Transformation with Strategy Deployment: a style of organizational improvement that engages the entire workforce in figuring out how a business can survive and thrive.

This workshop is designed to enable the participants into discovering solutions, via collaboration amongst each other. They are trained on additional Back Briefing and Experimentation with A3S templates. All of the above allows the solution to emerge from the people closest to the problem, rather than being defined by managers.

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Leading SAFe 4.5 with SA Certification workshop with Priyank Pathak

INNOVATION ROOTS  announces a Leading SAFe workshop with SA Certification conducted by  Priyank Pathak on 26 and 27 March,2018. Priyank Pathak is a recognized thought leader, seasoned Industry veteran of over 10 + years and the Curator of INNOVATION ROOTS.

This two-day workshop plays an essential part in developing a high-demand global skill-set that empowers organizations to thrive and succeed in a competitive, disruptive marketplace. A SAFe® The workshop inscribes an understanding of the Lean- Agile mindset, and its effectiveness in today’s rapid, dynamically evolving marketplace.

The participants will learn the principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), and the execution and release of value through Agile Release Trains, eventually going on to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. This course will provide a practical understanding of supporting Agile teams and programs, empowering a Lean Portfolio, building continuous delivery pipeline, and coordination in large solutions.

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