Unlocking Agility: An Insider’s Guide to Agile Enterprise Transformation | Book Series


This book explains what is the best way to start organizational change in large organisation? Author has had an interesting view into some noteworthy agile adoptions (Spotify, Yahoo, Walmart, and many more). He prepared to share what he has learned so that individuals at larger organizations can learn how best to navigate an agile adoption. This books gives different ways to sustain the momentum and how do you create an environment learning continues. The most important aspect this book covers is how can you measure success?


Jorgen Hesselberg

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Affinity Diagram | Glossary


Affinity Diagram is a powerful tool to organise information. A tool that gathers ideas, opinions, issues and organised them into groups or themes based on their natural relationships.

The term affinity diagram was devised by Jiro Kawakita in 1960 and also referred as KJ Method. During brainstroming session, this tool allows large number of ideas generated and sorted to make some sense for review and analysis to bring insights. The process to develop this is to record each ideas on cards or notes, cluster ideas that seems to be related and  label them as it make sense which can be further use for easier management and analysis.

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