Agile Project Management 101 | Book Series


This book provides knowledge on roles and responsibilities involved in various projects using Agile and Scrum. It helps to manage the project and what you can do to ensure their success. Readers of this book will explore the different aspects like quality management and risk management also, describes how to run your own scrum projects. Finding the best project management method is important to the success of your projects. Whether you decide to go with Agile, Scrum, Kanban, or even a hybrid of multiple methods, deciding on a standard way to manage projects will help to streamline the process, increase team output, and keep projects on track.

Agile project management covers requirements, coding, design, modelling, risk management, quality, and other important areas in a project. Another reason why the Agile methodology works flawlessly is its preference for modern project management approaches.


Thomas Keane

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