Kanban Management Professional-1 workshop by Mike Leber

Innovation Roots proudly announces itself as the organizer of the  Kanban Management Professional- 1 workshop, hosted by Lean Kanban India, being held on the September 7th to 8th 2016. The workshop will be conducted by Mike Leber, a known figure of the Kanban community for over 25 years.

The Kanban Method offers a comprehensive approach for the introduction of system thinking into all levels of an organization. This helps in creating a better understanding of business risk, supports decision making and eventually, leads to the improvement of the service delivery of activities.

This workshop offers the ideal foundation for organizations, teams and individuals to start their journey in incorporating the Kanban method. Participants will receive a great mix of deep conceptual lessons, case studies and real life experience. They will partake in hands-on games and interactive exercises that will help them kick off their own Kanban initiative.

Register for the workshop as soon as possible. Contact Us at: training@innovationroots.com  or give a call at : +91-8041489100. All Workshop attendees will get a complimentary conference pass.

INNOVATION ROOTS Announces SAFe PO/PM Workshop in July 2016

We are happy to announce the launch of SAFe PO/PM workshop, which will be held on 30-31st July 2016 at Bengaluru. The workshop is presented by Priyank Pathak (Curator at INNOVATION ROOTS), an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant dedicated to provide training, mentoring, and coaching services to companies gain outcomes like quality, value and continuous flow.

During this two days workshop, participants will develop the skill sets needed to deliver value in the Lean-Agile Enterprise. They will learn about the tools and activities that help them to manage the Backlogs and Programs at their organizations. This workshop encourages the participants to perform the roles of a SAFe Product Manager/Product Owner effectively and drive change that leads their organizations to succeed in the marketplace.

The participants will be able to write User Stories, Epics, Features, and Capabilities related to the SAFe context, and gain a solid foundation to manage Backlogs and Program in a Lean-Agile Enterprise. The course is recommended for already existing Product Manager and Product Owners, Business Owners, Business Analysts, Solution Managers, Program Managers, PMO Personnel, Portfolio Managers and Process Leads.

Register for the workshop at www.innovationroots.com