How a Support Automation Product Company Increased Productivity?


Niche IT Support Automation Product Company, USA & India

Business Challenges

In 2013, the IT Support Automation Product Company based out at India and US was facing difficulties in planning and implementing new capabilities in their new product.

Company's current approach and process were not supporting the faster time to release product to the market, and teams were struggling to support the existing product changes, new product launch and support existing operations effectively at the same time.

The on-the-floor leadership of the IT Support Automation Product Company has recognized the challenges in the current business processes and practices. Management and leadership agreed to find options to improve processes and practices to become more effective. They made a commitment to go-out in search new ways to solve this business challenges, find consultants and advisory support the team to revitalize their performance.

In this effort, the Company approached INNOVATION ROOTS to provide advisory on improving the process and practices, to drive a change, bring Agile Practices, and build capabilities to effectively deliver the customer support, build and release the new product by streamlining the overall flow of work.


The assignment started with meeting the customer leadership, defining the objectives and plan for the transformation.

As the next step, INNOVATION ROOTS took the initiative to do a detail Assessment of the company's current operations to identify the pitfalls in the current practices, and processes.

As a result, some key challenges were found as observations

  • Product vision and goal clarity to direct teams in correct directions

  • There was no clear roadmap and release Plan to guide the implementation

  • The team didn't have their backlog items to prioritize and plan

  • Less awareness of Agile practices and the mindset to move from traditional practices to Agile

  • A significant number of team members lacked the basic training necessary to practices agile

  • Agile Teams were not well defined, the Product Owners and Scrum Master lacked the clarity on their roles and responsibility

Basis on assessment outcomes, we developed an end to end plan for Agile transformation and started a solid Foundation through Agile Training and continuous Coaching program

  • Facilitated the Vision workshop to Product Organisation

  • Coached the Product Management to identify priority

  • Facilitated Product Management Teams to build roadmap & release planning

  • Conducted multiple batch of Agile-Scrum Foundation training for teams

  • Delivered Role based training to the Product Owners and Scrum Masters

  • Set Agile practices and implementation of Scrum framework at enterprise-level, coached teams to execute iteratively and deliver incrementally

  • Enabled metrics to guides the progress and ensuring the adoption of Agile Practices across the entire enterprise


As a result of end to end Coaching, Training and Mentoring program, the IT Support Automation Product Company improved quality of features and products, delivery time and services to the customers by staying adept to the Agile implementation practices.

  • The team gained a better understanding and matured on Agile process

  • Team, Scrum Master and Product Owners learnt and matured on roles and responsibilities. This helped them to improve contribution at work

  • Productivity in team has increased and this boosted the management trust on team

  • The quality of the product delivery improved over the time, and helped to achieve higher customer satisfaction

  • The delivery cycle time reduced and Product management gained maturely in projection

  • Individuals improvised their capabilities to contribute and deliver value and this resulted in motivated teams.

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